Stymied by the rain.

My New Ford Escape hauling wood. Sunday I went to Lowes and picked up some 2x4s, 2x6s, 1x12s, and a box of floorjoist hangers and other overpriced metal connectors. I spent a lot more then I needed to if I was just to screw this thing together, but I want it so it can be disassembled fairly easily (trying to back out dozens of screws with rounded off heads doesn’t count in my book).

Wood cut for a bedframe. I cut all the pieces to length.

Rough assembly of queen sized bedframe My rough assembly showes that I measured about right, the cross peices will need to be cut down as they will be too long once I include the thickness of the metal brackets they slip into. I need to cut grooves into the 2×4 stringers to accept the 1x12s. This will allow the 1x12s to sit flush with the top of the 2x4s and lock into place I am hoping. I really hate beds that groan louder then you do when you get up in the morning.

 Here it sits. I got everything out today, and it started to rain. Just my luck!

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