Putting the bedframe together.

 Last night, Matt and Jessica came over for dinner (we all went out) and to play cards & Cranium. While they where deciding what they wanted to do, I started to screw the bed frame together.

 Matt had to help me as the one short end board had started to twist already. I put 3 screws in each end, and also used these metal brackets. To my great surprise the frame ended up perfectly square.

 Matt and I did a lot of figuring to try to get these floor joist brackets positioned right. We ended up getting it right on paper. I am quite proud that I got it figured out being that it was midnight and all. The outside ends are what made things work out weird. As you can see, my cat Sister was supervising, making sure her latest scratching post/ toy/ whatever she wants it to be is properly assembled.

 As you can see, All that is left for this part of the bed is to notch the 2×4 stringers so the 1X12s drop in and lay flush.

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