1 week

Well, I have been in Tampa/Lakeland for a weak now. The commute isn’t too bad, about 45 minutes. I should be getting my internet hooked up tomorrow morning.

Katie and I cooked dinner tonight. We made grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup, turkey bacon, and omelets. Very yummy!

It rained tonight. Bad. I washed my truck in the pouring rain. The rain also washed
my kitchen and bedroom floors. I am going to have problems with flooding when it’s
really bad out.

The air mattress is in the middle of the living room floor. A few items have made it out of the boxes. I have to put my computer desk together for tomorrow morning. I don’t know where the laser printer is going yet.

I bought Pony Clamp pipe clamps last night so I can fix a cabinet door. I am going to get one or two more for when I glue my cutting board cabinet top together for the kitchen counter I am going to be building.

Hopefully some photos will get posted tomorrow.

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