2009 New Years Resolutions

Make your New Year’s resolutions yet?

I have a few resolutions this year. I am hoping that by putting these out in the open, I will embarrass myself into actually succeeding in them. None of this fluff stuff, like going to the gym, it’s stuff that I am really wanting to do, are already doing to some extent and want to continue to do.

In no particular order:
  • Get Married.
  • Survive first fight with new wife.
  • Buy house or get myself into a position where I can buy a house in the first quarter of 2010.
  • Pay off Discover Card.
  • Get vehicle for Katie whether it’s a new used one for her, or the Escape for her and a new wreck for me.
  • Grow some of my own food – ether in my little planter shelf set in the apartment or in a real garden.
  • Keep on blogging.
  • Get this video thing figured out so I can both take videos and edit them so I don’t make my viewers motion sick.
  • Send out Christmas cards to friends and family.
  • Visit the new family during Feast.
  • Give birthday presents to all the new Nieces and Nephews I will be getting when I get married.
  • Visit my folks once a month.
  • Change a tire for a stranger – the last couple of years, they keep turning me down. 
  • Create a new website for myself.
  • Pay my bills on time. It’s amazing how retarded I am about this. The money is in the bank, but I just don’t get it done!
  • Call my mom on her birthday.
  • Explore the Burmidge Forest Park that is just 2 miles from my apartment.
  • Go camping. At least twice.
  • Go somewhere I haven’t been with Katie.
  • Take Katie somewhere she hasn’t been that I have.
  • Get a Digital SLR camera.
  • Make something from scratch that I can use regularly with the sewing machine.
  • Finish the PakYak. Maybe build one that will fit me.
  • Learn how to use a chainsaw.
  • Help dad get a years worth of wood put up at the new house.
  • Go fishing
  • Go Hunting
  • Get 110 gallon tank running in some fashion
  • Get TV tank up and running again.
  • Visit friends that are out of state.
  • get some canning gear and learn how to can food.

I think that’s a pretty good list. I am going to have 365 days to do it all in. That means ticking one item off the list every 12 days or so. I guess I had better dive into this here list.
Do you have any of the same resolutions? Any suggestions?

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  1. wow, that’s a lot of resolutions. looking forward to hearing how the canning works out. i made and canned some marmalade twice. that was pretty easy. never canned fruits or vegetables though.

  2. I just wanted to help you out with your new nieces’ and nephews’ birthdays:

    Brianna Trumble 7/15
    Rylee Moore 2/5?
    Lauryn Trumble 3/8
    David Trumble 7/21
    Kayla Tessier 4/26
    Amber Tessier 12/7?
    Brianna Tessier 9/3?
    Arin Peterson 7/26
    Ella Jane Peterson 10/27
    Matthew Peterson 8/9
    Shaun Peterson 5/???
    Lilly 10/???
    Landon 10/???

    Sure you still want to give everyone birthday presents?

  3. WOW!I guess that means you have to get up in the morning to get some of these done! I really like the one about calling your MAMA on her birthday. Shouldn’t be a problem this year as you will be looking her in the face on that day….That is a lot of presents! But your a good shopper at clearance prices so maybe that will be fun.for a while…

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