Chirstmas 2008 photos uploaded

I uploaded some of the photos from Christmas this year. Feel free to click over, and comment away on the photos!

Now for some lousy videos.

Katie and I came across this semi truck in the ditch backwards. They needed a bobcat to dig it out. You can see the skid arc in the road where the trailer swung around. That had to be a ride.

Katie was pulling Ang on a sled we borrowed from a neighbor. Isn’t that backwards? Isn’t the big sister supposed to pull the little sister in the sled?

Katie driving Ang around on the 4 wheeler. She about ran me over!

Brian driving Ang around on the 4wheeler. Too funny. Everybody working for Ang.

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  1. Yea, I saw the same semi-truck, but it was before they were trying to dig out the old wreck. I saw caution tape on it, which probably meant it was there for awhile. People continued to go slow from that point all the way to the 90/94 merge.

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