Truck Cleaning Day

When Katie came and picked up Gecko (my old car), her brother and sister in law came down too. We went to the beach friday night and, well, my truck got full of sand!
  I wandered through target today looking for Mink Oil for my shoes and stopped at the vacumn cleaner section. There was a stray box for a Durabuilt 12 volt twin-motor auto vacuum cleaner. I wandered over to the automotive department, and saw it was $14.99. I bought it. I need to get the new-truck toys to go with my new truck, right? I even bought a $10 pack of assorted new-truck cleaning rags.

  The goofy thing works pretty well. I am glad it has the detachable motorized rotary brush attachment, as the plain vac part wasn’t sucking up any of the sand. The little crevice tool is JUST long enough to get between the seat and the side of the truck. I banned Todd and Sarah from the truck for today because they tracked so much sand into it. Doesn’t really matter, they are back home, attending a wedding today.

Durabuilt 12 V Twin-motor Auto Vacuum Cleaner Available at

After vacuuming the truck out, I decided to try the leather & vinyl conditioner stuff that the dealership gave me. So I did the dash and so forth. It’s amazing all the little dark marks on the oddest spots.

I was going to work on my folding kayak, but as I was getting all the stuff out, it felt like rain. A quick check of the weather showed that it was indead going to be a nasty little storm cell. South Florida (I think the whole state really) is suffereing from a severe drought, and they have us on a strict water rationing, down to grass watering and vehicle washing 1 day a week. I decided to take advantage of the rain, so I washed my truck in the rain. I got it all cleaned up, but the rain died back to a nice gentle rain, and I went in to check to see what happened to my nice, nasty storm. It had vered south, so the worst of it went west of me. Great, I got a half rinsed truck. So, I put on a dry shirt, and drove to Taco Bell for supper. They are tearing up the road in front of Taco Bell, I can’t get there, drive around, I can sneak in through the back ally – which is currently bare dirt due to the road construction. So, my nice, clean, freshly washed and (now thanks to the drive in the rain) rinsed truck is now full of mud.

I just can’t win can I?

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