Say Goodbye to Gecko!!

Gecko (my old 97 Ford Escort) finally left. When I bought my 2007 Ford Escape, I had given it to Katie. She needed a car, as her last one died a horrible death – I can’t imagine hemorrhageing fluids out of every orfice, but that is what it suffered. Her prior car had been total when an old man ran a red light at high speeds.
 The Dealership wasn’t going to give me anything for it. The bluebook value of the car is about $1500 or so last I looked for the amount of icky oldness it sufferes – dirty seats, rusty fenders, etc. and it needs about $2k in repairs to be made ‘right’. Katie can sink a few hundred bucks into it for new tires, and the front brakes & rotors, and the car is safe to drive. She can then decide if the transmission leak, bad struts, front end alignment, etc. etc. etc. need to be fixed. I checked the brake pads today, and they will be good for another six months by my driving, so they should last a month with the much longer drive she does to get to work.

243109   Can you believe it? And that is LOW as the tires are oversized and the car thinks it went 70 miles when it goes 75. I bought the car at 208k on the odemeter, so that means I put 35k miles by the odemeter, but actually went 37.6k miles. That will put the car just 5k short of a quarter million miles.

  I would like to say that I am going to miss the old car, and in a sense I will, I can’t stand on the hood of my new
Ford Escape as it would hurt a lot more if I fell off. It treated me well, I only ever put a new engine, timing belt and fuel filter into it in the several years I drove it. I hope it holds together through the end of the year for Katie

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