Packing up…

 I won’t be working on my boat for a few weeks. I am going to haul the pieces up to my new place this weekend when I pick up my keys for my new apartment. I am hoping that I can move in 2 weekends, but I am prepared to take 3 weekends to do it. The fish tanks and computer are the last to go up. Home is where the Hard Drive is…

 I bound up all the loose pieces together that are too long to fit into the truck. I then wrapped the ends in plastic so a loose board or aluminum peice doesn’t work itself loose. I will rope and bungie this bundle to the roof rack on the truck. It ought stay.

 When I walked to Target to get the string and bungies, I wandered through the frozen food section and saw Pizza. YUM! Where I am staying was having a party tonight, so I felt awkward using the microwave, so I broke out my little camp oven. I preheated it up to nearly 400 degrees, but it could only cook the pizza and bread at 300 degrees.

 YUM. It is good as I am writing this. The Pizza got a little bit toasty on the bottom, being so close to the heat.

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