Haircuts and Puddles

Ok, so tonight I went over to a friend from works house to get my hair cut. She has been bothering me for MONTHS on how she could do a good job. Fine, let her put her money where her mouth is, right? How could I turn down a free haircut? She even promised dinner. Free haircut AND free dinner? No WAY I could pass that up.

She is Porto Rican, right? Her mom lives with her, and was doing the cooking. YUM, real Porto Rican food. Porkchops. Now don’t get me wrong, they where good porkchops, but porkchops. No Rice, No Spice. Porkchops.

So anyway, I get my hair cut. Looks good. As a thank you, I am trying to teach her bird to mew like a cat. It already does the wolfcall wistles, so why not a catcall too… After a great deal of superb mewing on my behalf, the bird rewards my endevours. Not by mewing out a perfect melody, no, by pooping in my hand. Ok. Fine. Bird goes back in cage.

Videos need to go back to blockbuster. Lests walk. I stroll along. 5 of us. Quite the party, me and 4 women… well, girls… Her daughters are 11, 8, and maybe 3? I dunno how old the youngest one is, old enough to walk, still uses the stroller, and still shy.

We stop at the gas station on the way back to get snacks. Candybars, icecream bars, sodas and a large water.

About half way back, the girls get in a water fight. I end up ending it. No, I didn’t get them wet, they got me wet, with the last of the water in the water bottle. All I have left is the Mt. Dew. I threatened, I teased, but I didn’t splash back with the Mt. Dew.

I don’t get even, I get ahead.

Getting back to by their house, we end up going through some big puddles. Did I mention that it had rained a lot today? No? Well, forgive my poor naration skills and pretend I had. This is my story, deal with it. So anyway. Large puddles. Me, being very much in touch with my inner child, or is that always childish, well… I like the former, makes me look more mature. Me being in touch with my inner child, I perform the PERFECT puddle jump. A nice, high kicked, square stepped, large splashed jump into some 3 inch deep water without getting a drop of water on either myself or my companions. The girls thought this was great. After watching a few pitiful attemps at making a mess, I had to teach them the finer points of puddle jumping. Technique, but more importantly, enthusiasm.

To make a long story short… well maybe just a little shorter… I got the whole family back. They all got soaking wet jumping in the puddles, and I didn’t splash a drop on them!

Did I mention I got a free haircut tonight? It looks good.

Oh yeah, I didn’t take this picture, it is from flickr and was taken by somebody called ‘elston’. Thank’s Elston! Nice photo! Posted by Picasa

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