Computer Upgrade

Well after 6 months of saving my nickles, dimes, and a lot of dollers too, I bought myself a new video card for my new (6 month old) computer. $100 bought me a NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GS. Don’t tell me I coulda got a better card or a better price. All I care about is I got my 2nd monitor in use again.
Can you imagine 6 months of staring at a 19″ monitor wishing it wasn’t dark? I have dual monitors at work, I have had dual monitors both at home and at work for years now. The new computer drove me NUTS with only a single screen.

I am happy again. Maybe I can get more work done at home? Wait… I see a video game and talking to my mother. I guess THAT cat is out of the bag. Posted by Picasa

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