Yet another reason….

why I dislike Microsoft.

[begin rant]

Amy bought an XBox over a year ago, right? I bought a controller that came with a headset and a free trial to XBox Live. I thought I would give it a go. I put in the card, and it needed a credit card to activate the service. I had THOUGHT I had selected to NOT automatically bill me.

I no longer have access to the console. It was never mine, it was Amy’s it has been in STORAGE for 4 months now.

I get my bank statement, and I am billed $49.95 or something like that. Ok, not a problem, I give them a call, and get it sorted out. WRONG. They must be using windows on their phone system. I call the phone number that is part of the charge. I fuss with their menu system, the computer tells me that it could take a while do to high call volume, and prompts me for my selection. I make my selection, and it starts go to into the next set of options and beep beep beep beep – they hang up on me. I try it again, same thing. By now I know the dialing sequence, so I jump the menus and get another layer deep into the menu before I get hung up on.

I go back and see if I had been billed before. I had, I got billed a year ago. I paid for a year of service I never used. Moral, check your bank statements carefully. Anyhow, I call THAT phone number as it is different then on the more recent charge. The computer answers, says it is MSN something rather or another, utters the usual gibberish in a foreign language to select that other language. The computer then hangs up on me, mid gibberish.


You charging me for a service I never used AT LEAST ANSWER THE BLOODY PHONE. Heaven knows I PAID for it.

[/end rant]

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