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Last night, I picked up an Eye-Fi Share Video SDHC memory card. I have a couple of ideas I am kicking around and this device is a large part of what would make it work.

Anyway, I went to test my card in my Cheap-as-they-get HD video camera. It works… kinda.
Both of the following photos where taken using the camera and the new memory card. The photos automagically showed up on my computer, and Picassa detected them almost immediately. So VERY cool!!!

  Brother, being Brother. This is how he lays in the living room on the floor.

 Tra-Shcan swimming around. The other two jumped the tank, so it’s just this one. I think he’s looking for his buddies.

The problem is with my ultra-cheap generic camera. It doesn’t have enough power to run both the camera and the new memory card. Every time I take a photo, the Eye-Fi connects to the network and uploads the photo. This causes the power to my camera to drop, and the camera reboots. Twice.

Other then that, it works fine. The memory card can still get the photos copied off. Video works too. The camera HATES that though, the screen goes all wonky, blacks out, fun stuff like that.

I was thinking of investing into a good video camera in the next 6 months anyhow, so compatibility with the Eye-Fi will be on the required feature list.

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