Freezing up….

Ok, so it is cold out. If you ask the locals, they will tell you it is “damn cold” out.

Well, I have that new-fangled cooler, right? The one that cools the inside down 44 degrees cooler then the outside. Well, when the outside is cold, the inside is colder. My cooler has become a freezer. As the photograph suggests, I now need to defrost my cooler – it was making a aweful squealing sound as the fan was rubbing against the ice. Now, according to every other set of instructions but the set that came with my cooler, you can just switch the wireing around, setting it to warm, and in 15 minutes, you have de-frosted your cooler. Not me, no, why can’t I ever have something nice?

That little switch to make this thing work the way I want it to is looking more and more important. I guess owning junk has it’s benifits, I get to play with my junk like other people can’t play with their “nice” stuff. Posted by Picasa

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