Web-enabled Crock Pot?

I was wondering around target today and stopped to look at the crock-pots. I saw there are “smart” crock-pots out now. These have built in timers and what-not. I got to thinking… what if I made this thing web-enabled.

If you where going to be home late, the “smart” crock pots wouldn’t know that, but a web-enabled one would. You can just log into your crock-pot and adjust timer or, if has started already, the cooking paramaters. I also got to thinking, what happened if I where to put a peltier cooler on it, so while it is waiting to start cooking, it is keeping your food cool so it doesn’t spoil in the meantime?

Hmm… one of the best parts of a crock pot is that they are dirt cheap… $100 worth of electronics into one to make it more-better…

Well, a project for after I build my web-enabled Thermo-Electric Cooler

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