One of those days….

I saw this photo on Flickr and I just related. That is the best I can put it. I feel THAT right now.

Have you ever had one of those days…

It seems like lately me and my friends have just been beat down by work. Two of my co-workers were mad as… well… mad as I have ever seen either of them today. I got a whole lot of nothing done today. It looks like I have the same on the schedule for tomarrow. Doing stupid stuff for stupid reasons, and gonna make more work for other people because of it. I hate making work for other people. That is why I program, computers don’t MIND doing the same boring, stupid stuff all day long, day in and day out. To the person who gives the first computer self-perception, and the machine DOES mind doing the same boring, stupid stuff all day long – I am going to lock you into a small room with it with lots of water and stale bread crusts and NOTHING to do but to complain to each other about how bad your current situation sucks.

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