Creuzer: Introduction to growing your own furniture

Creuzer: Introduction to growing your own furniture

In response to Stewie’s comment (it was too long of a comment):

I already thought of that…

5 acres of bar stools. 1 acre a year. I could sell them online!

Home Grown Barstools only at

Hrmm… I can create each one in a raised planter the width of the mower apart so I can mow around them easily. Bark mulch to keep the weeds down. Every 5 years, break the planters down, chip them up, till that acre with a tractor to refresh the dirt, incorporating the old mulch, and rebox and replant new stools.

I think I want clover instead of grass. And honey bees, yes, I want honey bees so I can have clover and apple honey! 1 free pint of honey for every stool purchased!

Gonna need a green house to get my seedlings started. Oh oh oh, and a workshop to make the stools… and a drying shed to cure the stool stumps after they have been cut, but before I can work them.

Now to make some interesting tops… I could do covered. I am thinking a nice inlaid wood top would be cool. So my workshop will need to also be set up to do wood inlays. Oh gosh, custom inlays – somebody’s fancy mountain cabin, 4 stools, 4 inlays from photos taken in each direction.

Now only if I had some land….

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