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Is it bad that I am a web developer and use a default template for my blog?

I have had my blog for nearly a year now… Looking back… 10 days and 1 month short of a year it looks

Tonight is my first major tweakage of the template. Well, I had added my Delicious bookmark’s tag cloud, Google calendar, and just a few weeks(?) ago I added my PicassaWeb photo album. Oh, this last week I added a Technorati search to the site too. I guess I have added to the template a fair bit.

After the Blogger Beta incident I am wanting to have my list of Labels in the WORST of the ways! Forbidden fruit tastes the best, right?

Playing around a bit, I had a thought. I host my own blog. I wonder what happens if I put PHP into my blogger template? By George, a little .htaccess magic, and it works!


OK, first thing’s first. I want to post to my main blog (this one) a running tally of updates to my car blog. I whipped up a little RSS reader that I include into my template and viola! Instant RSS Feed of my cars blog on my main blog!


Stumbling block, no RSS feed for my labels.


Guess I am going to have to roll my own. I have PHP take a peak into my /labels/ folder, read all the files, tally up the number of posts in each file, and create a tag cloud. How is that for a run-on sentence? The amazing thing is, it works. Really well. I love it!

OK, this calls for a re-think of my cobbled together right column. A bit of consultation with Stewie and I moved just about everything around. I think it works.

I still need to tweak the photo album as it doesn’t display quite right in FireFox. I also need to colorize my new Labels Tag Cloud.

What do you think?

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