New website design.

Well, I couldn’t sleep tonight, tired, can’t think straight, but can’t sleep. Lots of fun.

I had stumbled across an interesting site layout at It is rather ironic that it’s a “blogger” design site but it uses WordPress. Anyway, I liked the 3 column layout that folds up nicely for smaller screens. Resize the screen, the side columns collapse down and towards the left margin. It works OK for 800×600, a little too much right whitespace, but tolerable. it looks good at 1024×768, and freaking awesome on my 19″ monitor, what ever it is set to.

There is a little mini-nav bar on the left edge of the screen that is pretty cool, but I need to find some icons for it. It is not being populated for the time being.

I like how the post area is about 25% bigger. In the posts, the images and videos where kinda cramping any text that was flowing around them. I also like the wider side column, it is big enough for my fish-cam and my google calendar. I was thinking of running the wider column for stuff internal to my blog, and the narrower column for stuff external to my blog. The calendar kinda sorta breaks that, but I guess it is still about me, so I will say it is internal to the blog.

I think I have a good site template, I just need to work on making it “pretty” now. I want to make some kinda of fancy top for the 2 side columns and a curve/angle for the bottom right edge to lead the columns back into the main column.

I would like the design elements to be freshwater aquatic plant themed. Not sure how I would do it, so it probably won’t happen. All of my designs are so… blocky looking. **sighs**

Well, if I am going to be worth $.02 at work tomorrow I had better try and get some sleep.

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