I made a baby!

Most of you should know by now that my wife and I are expecting.

This is one of those things that is so exciting that I wasn’t sure how to blog about it. I had thought about putting up a help wanted post and then a followup post stating ‘job filled’ & announce the baby. I just couldn’t work it around so it came out right. Probably part of why my blogging’s been slow. I’ve been procrastinating and didn’t want to blog about lessor things while such an important post was sitting in draft.

2009-12-03 Sonogram

My little girl is due April 28 2010. The doctor expects her to be born before then though. I guess this is part of why doctors call what they do “Practice”, they can be all vague and stuff.

There was a baby shower in Florida. I attended. I still think showers are a ladies endeavor. I hope everyone realized I was half teasing when I said “No Pink!”. The baby’s a girl, of course we are going to get pink stuff for her. Heh – I even bought her a pink outfit. It’s much to big, and camo, but still. I just didn’t wall ALL pink stuff. But, anyway, we got some seriously cool loot at the shower. I don’t know what half of it is, and there is a drastic shortage of stuff that requires assembly. But I will cope.

My baby-mama and I are doing fine. Her probably more-so then me. I’ve heard horror stories of emotional roller-coasters and midnight craving runs. I guess I got lucky! I’ve only been sent out a couple of times for ice cream. The bulk of any conflicts have been differences in understanding and expectations. Basically meaning, I am wholly underestimating the impact this change will have on my life.

Our current apartment lease is up at the end of this month – a few short days away. We are trying to buy a house so we have more room for our expanding family. It’s a ‘short sale’ which means the current owners are trying to sell it for less then what they owe on the house while paying it off ‘short’. They really need to call this an ‘obnoxiously slow’ sale.

We are working on Baby Residence Plan B. This entails clearing out the spare bedroom (my ‘junk room’) of all my stuff, deep cleaning, and installing baby stuff. The trouble is, it is in severe need of some drastic cleaning. I basically trashed the room before my better half moved in. Rust stains on the carpet. Tomcat spray in the corners. You know, serious cleaning.

With all this said. I am super excited! I’ve bought her a tricycle at a thrift shop. One of those good, solid metal ones. Like I had growing up. It was $10 or something like that. I had to have it! No cheap plastic knock-off big wheels for my little one!

So, that’s what I have been up to the last half a year or so.

I made a baby! **happy dance**

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