2010 – In Review

2010 has been a good year for me. Busy, but good.

The most important event this year was the birth of my daughter. She is the joy of my life – with my wife coming in a very very close second (sshh, don’t tell her that!). That little girl just loves to smile!

I seem to have come in possession of a house as well. It required a bit of work.

With all of this happening in my life, I didn’t do near as much blogging as I probably ought to have. I did manage do some blogging work, migrating from Blogger to WordPress, although it was forced on me. Most of my ‘blogging’ seems to have occurred on twitter this last year, but I did manage to embed twitter into my blog.

I did manage to get a few projects done. However, not the rough draft of the book on aquaponics I want to write – the website is coming along though.

I did manage to give some presentations this year. I even somehow found time to go camping once!

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