I am famous

So, it looks like 3 weeks ago I had my one day of fame.

And I missed it.

I am SO behind on my reading. I am just getting caught up on my news reader, and I see one of my photos. Strange, why did that republish…

Wait, this is a MAKE article. WHAT????

That’s right, I got one of my blog threads picked up by MAKE Magizine. You know, a real magazine that you can go to the store and buy, only it’s for geeks that like to make things. Sweet, eh?


My normal 50 people to my blog a day spiked to over 1 thousand for that day.

The one disappointing aspect is that I missed it. Not a single comment to alert me that people where on my blog.

Oh well…
Maybe next time.

I wonder what the next post that gets picked up by MAKE will be?

What do you think?

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  1. All those people and not 1 comment! That’s very annoying.

    Really cool that your blog got noticed.

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