Cutting the 4inch bar stock in half.

Flat stock marked and ready to cut. I need to cut this in half lengthwise. I am not really happy with how I ended up doing it. It worked, but It didn’t feel safe. I think that for the money, I am just going to buy a bit of 1″ flat stock and not worry about my fingers.

Running jigsaw. Stupid Idea.  Doesn’t this look like a stupid thing to do? It was all I could think of doing.

 This is how I ended up cutting the flat bar in half. I just used my jigsaw like it was a scroll saw or bandsaw. The aluminum wanted to jump up and down if I pushed to hard, I also had a courser metal cutting blade installed, so that might have been some of it. I cut half the length, then flipped it, and cut the other half. I went REALLY slow that last quarter of an inch so when I cut through, my fingers didn’t go sliding into the blade. I am rather attached to my fingers. I use them a lot, being a web developer and all.

smoothed and rough cut aluminum bar stock I clean up all my edges with my Dremel rotary tool and an emery cut off wheel. I use the flat side like it was a sanding wheel. I picked up a file tonight to see if that does a better job or is quicker.

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