I think it's broke

The driver window on trucklet (what I call my Ford Escape) quit going up all the way a few weeks ago. It's finally not stupid cold out, up to a balmy 40 today. So I decided to take advantage of sunshine and worked on the window today.

Looks like the cable mechanism broke. All kinds of mess inside. Bits of plastic where shooting all over the place when I started getting rough with the window.  So I sniped a thin cable so I can push the window all the way up. I was going to wood stick the window closed, but I saw a hole near the carriage.  I'd rather have used bailing wire, but all I have currently is fencing wire, so zip ties it is. It's going to get fixed proper in the spring, the nylon shouldn't die before then.

I don't think the motor burned out, so I will have a nice motor for projects when I replace the power window mechanism. Going to need the whole thing, carriage and all I think. Luckily I've a few more years before they start crushing the model year immediately, so I hopefully can find a junk yard unit.

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Double zip tied the window up through the carriage and a convenient hole. So much easier than trying to cut sticks and prop the window up.

The last power window that died on a previous vehicle got all it’s windows glued shut with silicone!

Things came un-sprung near the motor it appears.

I am not sure what this mess of wires is, but I suspect it’s the cause of the window failure.

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