I am keeping her, you can’t have her!

The saga continues!

8 am Sunday Airplane ticket: $256.80
5 trips to the airport, 210 miles: $30
24 toll booths: $14
Food for airport sitting 18 hours: $26
New clothes, socks, razors, etc because luggage is at destination: $25
Katie still here in Elgin: Priceless

Yep, Katie is still here in Illinios. Florida, I’m keeping her, you can’t have her back! Sorry, I tried. 5 trips to the airport, 2 different tickets, 3 days of fighting with the airline. It’s much easier if she stays here. Really. Trust me.

I dropped her off on Sunday at the airport. She got to the terminal gate at 7:48 for her 8am flight. She was told she couldn’t board the plane (they had given her ticket away it appears). She was put on standby. Long story short, at 7pm, she was told that the next available flight would be the 7pm flight – on Monday. She can’t get her bags back, they flew them to Orlando on the first plane that they wouldn’t let her on. So she secured a paper ticket for this Monday flight, calls me, I go pick her up.

Monday, I drop Katie off extra early. She gets to the gate, and they tell her it will cost another $175 to get on the plane. What????? That’s extortion! On the way to the airport, she found out that she has this week off. Her dad looked new flights up and found out that it’s cheaper to fly out a week later on a new ticket then it is to pay the $175 at the gate. I go pick her up.

Tuesday, her bags are supposed to be back in town. The airline is going to call when they arrive. Yeah, right. She finally gets somebody who has the wherewithal to LOOK and see that her bags had indeed shown up in the morning – this is about 5pm. I go to pick up her bags.

New airline ticket. Did you know that ticket prices can double over night? I eventually found her a ticket. $178. I am tired of dicking around with United Airlines and O’Hare airport. Her flight is a Midwest Express out of Milwaukee. It’s cheaper to drive up there and back then it is to put her on a plane 27 miles away. Obsurd.

The good news is that I get to keep Katie for an extra week. Let me tell you, this is a very good thing. She is MOST helpful! She unpacked my kitchen tuesday, and put stuff away in the cabinets. I came home to a home cooked meal! Last night we moved a bunch of stuff around in the 2nd bedroom/office/den whatever you want to call it so I could set up the 29 gallon fish tank. You can almost walk in there now! LOL

This move has been eventful if anything…

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  1. You know, you’d almost think you ARRANGED this… The airlines are just crazy at this time of year, they’re still sorting out that little snowstorm we had on Friday.

  2. Yeah, that’s a bit crazy…it’s a sign! She should stay!! j/k… well, maybe! 😉
    But it’s cool you have someone to help you unpack. I can just imagine how long your stuff would stay in boxes otherwise!!

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