Wedding Photos

Today’s photos are brought to you by our proud sponsors, the Letter ‘Orange’ and the Number ‘Left’.

I just can’t seem to get it right. Sorry folks, but today’s picturebook story is going to be read to you backwords. I posted to this blog in chronological order (photo sets wise) so they will be read by you, the esteemed audience, in reverse chronological order. Don’t worry kids, our heros will still live happily ever after.

Chris and the women of the weddingMr. Chris Powell and all the new women in his life. His new Friends and Family, belonging to Mrs. Chris Powell, as well as a few old ones of his own.

Chris and the men of the weddingMrs. Chris Powell and the new men in her life. Friends and family.

Chris being supported by her new menfolk.Chris being supported by her new menfolk.

Husband and Wife.Husband and Wife. Posted by Picasa

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