Primitive Camping Trip

This weekend I went on a primitive camping trip with a friend. I took my old film camera – the really old one as my newer one's batteries where dead. Still need to drop the film off and see how the photos turned out.

All I had with me was my camera day pack with a few items, including a bivy sack, and the clothes on my back. I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could spend the night in the woods with no tent, sleeping bag, or other normal camping gear items.

It was a cold night, got down to the low 50s, and rained lightly for a bit. I was pretty chilly, but not actually cold. We had some issues getting a fire started with a flint and steel using natural materials – ended up 'cheating' and using a paper receipt I had in my pocket.

It was a good time. Hoping to do it again a few times this summer. With the low-gear requirements it can be a spur of the moment phone call to see if each other is busy, check with my wife and go!

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I am taking some photos with my old FILM camera – so old it’s manual focus. I love that old thing. Wondering if I can make a digital back for it.

My camping buddy.

We found this old Oak tree. I can’t imagine what this tree has seen in it’s long life.

Making my shelter for the night. We re-arranged a deadfall to suit our purposes. Not 0 impact, but pretty low.

The shelter. My friend’s very well built section on the left, my really spindly and barely useful for the night on the right.

Having the two lean-to shelters face each other and the fire seemed to work pretty well.

I made my shelter out of garlic mustard. An invasive edible plant that is taking over the woods. My purpose was to keep the wind off of me, thus why it’s so light weight.

My camera bag, bivy sack and the space blanket I opened up. The blanket made the difference between a cold night, and a cold night’s sleep. Just barely enough.

Home sweet home for a night.


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