Turning trash into dinner

I've started cutting up 2 liter soda bottles into flower pots.

This last weekend I helped a friend tear apart is old, tired deck. It happens to be about the same color as my old, tired deck. So I am using bits of his deck to make a planter for my deck.

My soda bottle SIPs (Sub Irrigated Planters) with the 3d printed Irrigation blocks will run down the length of the deck in this planter box. This will allow me the ability to shuffle the plants around between the base sections.

I am pretty excited about what this will give me the ability to do for growing food in the future. The deck is one of two spots that get good sunlight over the course of the day.

In album

Soda Bottles and old deck boards.

A little bit of help from my bestest helper.

Marking things that evidently needed to be marked up – glad she caught my oversight.

Starting to get the planter box built. There will be sides all the way around, so you can’t see much of the Soda Bottle SIPs. You can see the bottle cutter I printed here as well.

This view would be just wooden planter.


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