3 AM

It’s 3 AM.
I am awoken to ‘mew, mew, mew mew’.
This shouldn’t be. Kittens are in a cupboard in the kitchen.

I gently feel around in the dark. Found it. I got a kitten in bed with me again. I can’t get Sister to stay there long enough for me to go get the others.

Fine. 3am feeding it is. I make up 15 ml. or whatever the marking is on the bottle – it’s since worn off. Cheap bottle.

Sick kitten takes about 2 units. Dark kitten – the one I found in bed with me, takes about 7 very hungerly. Phatty, I can’t get interested in the bottle.

Now, let me sleep Sister!

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  1. ahhh, the joys of parenting. Congrats on your bundle(s) of joy. They look adorable and you document their lives and your trama so well.

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