Die fleas Die

Tonight, I started operation Flea Be Gone.
I vacuumed my floors then went to the store, and got stuff to rid myself of these pesky fleas once and for all!

I got Carpet Flea Killer, Borax, and Table salt. The vacuuming is supposed to cause the flea eggs to hatch – if you put poison down first, they won’t hatch from what I read/heard.
The Flea killer is to do just that. The Borax and Table salt cost less then the flea killer, and is supposed to work well from what I read online. The theory behind the Borax and Salt is that it will dry the fleas and eggs out. Thereby killing them.

So, I am going multi-phased. Mixing it all together and putting it down real heavy. If one doesn’t do it, the other will. Hopefully it will be a 1-2-3 punch that TKOs the darn fleas.

So, all the cats got flea sprayed. The kittens got a bath in flea shampoo and witch hazel. Sister doesn’t like the flea spray at all. Starts foaming at the mouth and all that. I think she is allergic. Get that crap off the kittens so Sister can do her mothering thing. The witch hazel is an Astringent – makes the flea bites feel better. So the kittens should get some relief from their antagonizers, hopefully a good meal, and a good nap. I tell you what, the Witch Hazel works great on my flea bites – I think I am going to keep the stuff around for mosquito bites as well!

Mamma cat giving baby kitten a kiss

Kittens all ate – they all took two meals by bottle. Half a bottle between the three of them for both meals. Not to bad, best feeding so far. The sick one is really weak again. I hope the two meals will tide him over till morning.

I even remembered to feed myself tonight. I ate one of my 3/$1.98 pizzas I got from Elgin Fresh Market. It was just a cheese pizza. I added Pepperoni and onions to it. Was going to add mushrooms, but it’s just not big enough for a can of mushrooms.


Everybody is all fed, bottoms all wiped. Time for me to get some sleep. I am exhausted.

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