Georgia is glad I have Georgia on my mind.
I just got gas in FL. Taking a gamble that gas is cheaper in FL than in GA. I lost. That is why I don’t gamble. Looks to be about $.06 cheaper in GA.

I am not 100% sure, because I also filled my little gas can, but it looks like i am getting 18.7mpg hauling the empty trailer at 75mph. Recalculating my projected gas expenses to somewhere around $500. I have budgeted $600.

I had filled up the tires on the truck before we left this morning. They where all at 25psi. I think the dealership put them that low. Not sure though. Odd they where all the SAME low preasure. I filled them up to 40psi (44 psi max) and the air compressor timed out. I stopped at this gas station for air as well, and put the trailer up to 75psi from 45 psi, and set the truck tires to 44 psi hot. Maybe this will help with milage a bit.

So far, so good.

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