Missing Mirror

Don’t you just hate it when a large, parked semi trailer jumps out and bites your truck?
Last week (man, has it been that long ago already?) I was looking left and turning right, and drove right into the trailer. I blew the mirror right off the truck. Bummer! Luckily I didn’t do any other damage to the truck.

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  1. Wow, nice job. You don’t really need that one anyways. You should probably put another mirror on your left side that shows you whats coming up on your right.

  2. For what Ford wants for a new mirror, I was thinking of installing a video camera, and 2-3 inch LCD screen. Get rid of them pesky mirrors altogether.

    Actually, I was hoping to get some heated, turn signal mirrors off of an Expedition or something like that, but the mounts for those are larger then on my Escape.

    I am waiting for one to turn up on Ebay.

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