Finishing moving to Florida

Well, I am finally doing it. After nearly 3 years of being here, I am moving to Florida.

Katie was gracious enough to come along. She likes driving, me… not so much. Don’t get me wrong, I love road trips, I just don’t like the whole driving part.

I tricked out the new truck a bit for the trip. CB & Scanner antenas, GPS, the whole 9 yards!

I am borrowing a trailer from some of Katie’s family. In return, I bought a spare tire for the trailer. I am not driving that far without a spare!

We are currently driving by Gainsville FL.

This is the route that google suggests I take.

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I am not fond of it. It runs me through Chicago. Bleh.

I am going to take this route instead.

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I avoid Chicago. YAY. I also bypass Indianapolis and Louisville.

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