Delta RepRap using both belts and Spectra fishing line

I have this new RepRap 3D printer that came to me half assembled, sans electronics. It had been running, but got pirated for parts to make another Prusa.
There is a lot more room on the smooth rods for it to get taller. I just need to make a belt stretcher (I am too cheap to buy longer belts).
I have some fishing line I picked up on clearance a few years ago – $6. It just so happens to be the 65lb Spectra line that people are using to string up their Kossels.
So I decided to use both. Belts for the drive and line for the ‘idler’ side.

Bella’s Cute of the week #4

So here is the last photo in the first half of this series. Just look at those blue eyes! If she’s not the cutest baby ever, she’s at least gotta be in the running.  One would think such an adorable baby would make the photographer’s job easy, but you need some mad skillz to crawl …

Blacksmith forge from gas grill and recycled bricks

I made a natural lump charcoal forge tonight out of an old gas grill. I lined it with recycled bricks. The blower is a leaf blower. Thus begins my journey into the world of blacksmithing. Yet another hobby for me! .

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