Home Made Pasta

I have these fancy pasta roller and cutter attachments for my mixer now. I have been holding off to make some fresh pasta, and I finally got a chance to do it.
Here I am mixing up the dough. I decided to try a half wheat dough. I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right, as it’s not the same consistancy as bread dough.
It took a bit of doing, but I finally figured out how to make it roll out into sheets. I don’t know if you are suppose to roll it out a lot or just a little. I did it a lot, as I was playing with a new toy.
My First cut pasta. It all clumped together and stuck and looks like a mess. No worries, the best part of cooking is you can eat your mistakes. Into a pot it went.
Here is my second attempt at cutting pasta. This turned out much better.
All cooked up. It tasted quite well. Break time!
Here is my thinking-on-my-feet pasta drying rack. It looks to be working quite well!
Doesn’t that all look so good? Fresh, home made pasta.
Well, a slight design flaw. The sharp edges of the spoons, the brittle nature of dried pasta, and my making the pasta WAY too long (bigger is always better, right?), means that the pasta breaks at the the bend and falls down. Well the cats LOVED this, and 1/4 of my pasta ended up on the floor!

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bean sprout in sub irrigation planter box

I have been trying to grow herbs in this planter for several months now. Just as the herbs start to sprout, it gets really cold out, and i have to bring them in. Well, the cats just LOVE this new toy and insist on tipping it over and pouring it out.
Well the last time this happened, there where a few stray dried beans on the floor. It appears that at least one of these got swept up and put into the planter with the dirt. The bean sprouted and grew this much today.
Pretty cool eh?

Missing Mirror

Don’t you just hate it when a large, parked semi trailer jumps out and bites your truck?
Last week (man, has it been that long ago already?) I was looking left and turning right, and drove right into the trailer. I blew the mirror right off the truck. Bummer! Luckily I didn’t do any other damage to the truck.

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I an watching the Super Bowl and judging by the laughter I just saw the best commercial of the game. The dorritos ad with the mouse trap.