Trying to cobble together a new computer

This new one is a 'New' used computer that was given to me by a friend. It's a Via C7-D 1.5ghz which interests me due to is low power consumption. I am wanting to build out a low power PC that can be used as a web browser, Skype & security system in the garage. I also want to hook up and arduino or three to control the solar hot air fan. Long term, I want to run this machine on solar panels.

I have a 8GB microSD card that my wife's cell phone hates. I tried to get things running off of that, but it seems too far gone. Next, was a CDROM drive which also worked poorly.

Last I tried my 8GB Cruzer thumb drive, which appears to be a success.

I am wanting to play with it some more, but it's late and the NyQuil is dragging me down.

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Turning the computer on with a knife. Yeah, I am THAT guy….

Trying to get the computer to boot. First try is a fail.


I made a home made potty seat for the toilet

Bella is telling us when she's gone poop now, asking for a diaper change. Time to see if she's ready to potty train now.

She won't sit on the toilet and go (You will need to ask Katie the story on that one when you get a chance). Theory is she feels like she will fall in.

So I made this seat out of a 1/4 inch acrylic I had gotten it to use as a face for my router table. I guess it has other uses now.

I probably shouldn't mention that I dreamed up this design…

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Laying out the plexiglass to trace the toilet to make the potty seat.

This is the only circle bit I have. It’ doesn’t work very well, but it got the job done and it only cost a couple of bucks.

The edges where sanded on my belt sander after I cut them. This leaves a smooth but tetured surface.

Gotta LOVE flame polishing acrylic sheeting.

Leaves the edge very smooth, clear, and no micro-cracks to start a big crack in the future.

Letting the inspector examine my workmanship. See the oblong shaped ‘business end’?

This snaps on for easy cleaning. This is just a nylon strap with snaps on each end.

It closes flat and makes it look professional.