A good friend gave me a UNiMAT SL1000 lathe this weekend

The machine is older than me, but appears to be a later model in this production run judging from the color. I have found one broken part, the capture nut to hold down the tooling block.

Now I need to get the rest of the tools needed to use this correctly and learn how to use it safely.

I think this will be a good complement to my blacksmithing as well as allowing me to make some custom parts for a wide variety of my other hobbies: aquaponics, woodworking, electronics, computer mods, and so on.

And of course, the idea of converting it into a CNC is in the back of my mind.

In album

A friend gave me a UNiMAT mini lathe. He rescued it from the trash.

About to cut a bevel on the inside and cut down the outside so I can stack 2 different sizes and make a funnel out of PVC for my aquaponics bell siphon.

I tried the ‘sharpen a pencil on a lathe’ trick. I needed to use a different tool than what came with the lathe though.

I bit of a mess… PVC and wood shavings.

I want to hang this roll of craft paper under the table, so I am making spindles that fit inside and let it roll off.