I tested my new sleeping bag last night

It didn't get as cold as I was expecting, so I ended up being overly warm for most of the night. I tried the new down bag inside a synthetic bag inside a bivy sack arrangement all on a thermorest pad. About 10 lbs for the sleeping set. I'd dug a snow-cave topped with a SOL space blanket for about 2/3rds my length.

I was sweating for most of the night until the temps bottomed out at 11 degrees. I was chilled then, but a toss and a turn and I warmed back up and fell back asleep.  I think I would have been better served with just the 20 degree down bag.

Maybe I will try again next weekend.

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Getting out in the morning. A bit challenging trying to keep the snow out of my bags. The grey blanket was just used as a ground sheet for that purpose.

Unfortunatly, it didn’t snow for real. Google did this to me. Taunting me.

Clothes where a lightweight packable down jacket over a poly longsleeve shirt. Insulated pants over longjohns & 2 sets of dry wool socks. I tried to keep the clothing minimal as the two bags and myself basically filled the Bivy bag, so I didn’t want to over-pack it and loose all my loft.

Getting in to the sleeping bag at night. Wiggle wiggle, scoot scoot, repeat.

Looking down from the deck at my snow-cave. I used a SOL space blanket as a top-sheet. About 5 minutes with a shovel to make this (Much of the snow was tossed off my deck and porch). I was planning on using a snowshow to make it, but I was there with a shovel, and it just worked.

Side view of my snow cave. About 2-3 feet tall, with maybe 6-8 inches of snow left in the ‘floor’. The top was done up with a space blanket to keep the wind from whistling over my tent.

Sleeping in my snowcave. Quite toasty and comfortable.

Just waking up. It’s a bit awkward trying to loosen up the hood. I’d pulled the stopper out when I just climbed in. Took a LONG time to get it back right in the dark.

Looking into the snow cave. It was a bit snug at the shoulders. I wiggled around a bit when i was settling in to try to smash the walls wider so there was more room for my sleeping bags to loft.

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