Solar Panel Slideshow

Some heat generation numbers for a day that’s  ~10 degrees F outside, 25 degrees in my uninsulated garage:

  • Full overcast but bright – 40 degree air coming out of the panel (+15)
  • Partial sun, enough for shadows – 60 degree air coming out of the panel (+35)
  • Full sun, 90+ degree air coming out of the panel (+70)


Here is a full slide show. The previous posts seem to have cut them off after so many photos.


Twitter Updates for 2012-01-10

  • Took a personal day to work on my Solar Heater for the garage. It's coming along nicely. I had to come in to warm up my hands. #
  • I got the Solar Hot Air panel completed tonight. Too late for a good photo. I need to go out and hook up the fan yet. #
  • I put a timer on a small blower for the Solar Hot Air panel. I can't wait to see what the high temp coming out of the panel will be tomorrow #


Twitter Updates for 2012-01-01

  • I think I may make a solar heater for my garage this weekend. Anybody want to come over and see how it can be done? #
  • The twitter website is fail-whaleing on me. The new years tweets must have started already! #
  • I have a short attention span… I started the day off wanting to make a solar heater for the garage and am working on bookshelves instead. #