Biltong – or homemade beef jerky without all the fuss

So a weeks ago I heard about a different type of beef jerky. A kind that my neighbors would let me make because I wouldn’t smoke them out of their apartments! It is called Biltong. It is a South African dried meat.

Traditional beef jerky needs to be smoked. This gives it great flavor. The smoking process also keeps all the nasties off of the meat while it’s drying.

Biltong is treated with vinegar. The vinegar keeps the nasties off of the meat while it is drying.

Home made biltong
Biltong, the other jerky

I made my own drying rack using a HEPA air filter I have. I used some spare aluminum from my PakYak to build a frame. I wrapped it in a plastic bag to funnel the air up past the meat that I want to dry. I strung the meat up using some nylong string I have.

The stuff I made was pretty gosh darn good!

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