Rerouting the dryer exhaust into the room.

I rerouted the dryer exhaust into my bedroom so that when I dry my clothes, I don’t blow all that expensive heat out the side of the building.

I put up that window film last night, and am trying to keep the apartment as energy efficient as a 30 year old building who’s owners don’t give a rats ass about heating and cooling costs can be.

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  1. Exhausting your dryer into the interior of a home or building is against building codes and is absolutely not safe. Check the International Residential Code and International Mechanical Code. All of the applicable codes require that dryers be vented to the exterior.

  2. Not safe? It’s an electric dryer.
    I could see gas not being safe. I can’t see anything but the humidity being an issue.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Hey there,

    Used to manage an apartment building with a large common area for all of the tenants washers and dryers. They each had their own hookups in the basement. Occasionally, a dryer vent tube would come off because of kids or whatever. Just a few loads of laundry would cause a ton of humidity and laundry smell in the basement. I could always tell when one of them came off as soon as I was at the top of the stairs because it turned into the tropics down there.

    I know they used to make humidity traps so you could vent your dryer indoors but they were taken off the market for one reason or another. Perhaps you could catch the heat with a heat sink type device in the vent hose and a small stirling powered engine fan – and let the humid air go on up the hose outside. Great page BTW!

  4. The dryer got hooked back up to vent outside late in the winter.

    This isn't something I am likely to do very often – only when it's stupid cold out or the house is very dry.

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