Pump setup for my automtic container Irrigation system

This last week, I was tasked with cleaning the spare bedroom. I kinda got distracted a bit by the fish tank and planter stand in it.

I worked on my planter stand a bit more while cleaning the room some too.

I had gathered all the parts I had into one stack. I have a pretty good pile of tubing, couplers, spray nozzles, drip nozzles and all that fun stuff. I added some spray nozzles to the long planter box I am trying to grow lettuce in. I wasn’t getting enough water into the container otherwise.

You can see how it all works in the video. I just have to keep water in the 45 gallon tank, which isn’t a big deal.

Water pump for irrigation in my fish tank This is the water pump with the tubing connected directly to it. I had to heat and pull on the tubing to make it thinner so it would slip into the pump. Otherwise the inside diameter of the tubing match the inside diameter of the pump. I get a little less water volume this way, but the 1/4 inch hose restricts it so bad anyhow that it’s not a big deal.

funky hose reducer My little 1/2 or 5/8s to 1/4 inch adapter. It’s ugly, it leaked, but it works. It was originally designed to be hooked up directly to the pump, so it didn’t matter that it leaked. But the 1/4 tube has so much flow resistance, that I decided to bring the water to the plant stand in the thicker tube, and then reduce it down.

home-made hose reducer out of heat shrink tubing  I don’t need to glue it to the plastic tubing. It seals well enough as is.

African Violet And, an african violet that my mom gave me about a year ago.

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