My new knife: Buck Knives – Vantage™ – Select Small

While on vacation in Florida, my “souvenir” of the trip was a new pocket knife. I had broke my old one months ago – this spring actually.

I picked a ~$30 Buck Knife even though the place had some really nice Benchmade knifes. I can stand loosing a $30 knife a lot more then a $130 knife.

I picked this one for several reasons even though it’s really 1 finger short for my hand.

It can be opened with one hand. This one is cool because it can be done either with the notch cut in the back of the blade as well as the little knob that can be used to flick the knife open very fast.

The belt clip can be removed on this one as it’s bolted on instead of riveted on.

I intentionally picked a shorter blade, only 2.5 inches long. I live in a Chicago Suburb. Chicago is a bit touched in the head.

I did make one small modification to the knife. I added a very small magent to the back of the knife. I put it on the belt clip with enough room to be able to remove the clip still if I needed to. I used a touch of JB weld to hold it on even though the magnet will hold itself on.

The magnet is strong enough to hold the knife up if placed on metal. The real reason I put it on though is to check to see if metals are magnetic or not. Dad and I where wanting to check to see if a painted metal was steel or not. I didn’t have a magnet with at the time. I do now.

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