My first try at blacksmithing

Today I started my hand at blacksmithing. A friend came over and we pretended we knew what we where doing. It was an absolute blast!

We used up two 10 lbs bags of charcoal, and made a railroad spike knife, a bit of a trivet, and some coat hooks. I only got burned maybe 3-4 times and only have one bad blister raised on the back of my hand at the moment.

The forge is made out of an old burnt out gas grill that I lined with some bricks. I used a leaf blower as the forge blower. The anvil is some random scrap of busted up metal casting that we made a post for. The anvil could be a good bit better, but it worked well enough for our first attempt.

We even cooked our steak lunch on the forge fire – I figured it was already lit and hot, so why not!.

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