Work picked up two tablets so we can dev against them

We got a 16gig iPad and a Motorola Xoom (Android).

The first day I had access to them I whipped up a quick web page that took your name and company. My lappy is the server and I have a label printer plugged in. Using the tablets, we can now print out name badges instantly. So cool!

The iPad simply has a better feel all the way around. It's thinner and slicker and the UI has fewer buttons to press and yet it takes fewer taps to get to settings somehow.

Charging is a fail for both. The iPad obviously needs it's funky charger but the Xoom is an epic fail not charging on the USB. I plugged my samsung charger and the Xoom said it can't charge over USB. That one fact means I won't be buying one for myself. I have lots of USB laying around.

Editing text on either is a pain. Trying to place the curser between an apostrophe and a bracket is nearly impossible. Neither has the ability to provide a low-gain curser to move the curser to the right or left one character.

Even with these drawbacks, they are pretty cool. I think I shall enjoy working against the tablets.

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  1. I see. That's partly why I think the HTC Flyer may be a better bet for your situation, with its secondary digitizer pen interface (and 7" format). I also know that's why bluetooth keyboards are really popular with tablets.

  2. iOS is a little slicker in my opinion. I've fiddled around with a bunch of tablets and so far, I think the android ones have a ways to go. Once they are refined, they might be a good investment, but right now, iPad has a bigger advantage on UI, usability and stability. It fails a lot on not having flash though =/

    Also, to move the cursor to the proper spot on iPad, touch and hold on the area where you want the cursor to be and you get to slide it left/right.

  3. The printer was hooked up to the laptop, which is wireless. It is USB, they make wireless USB dongles, or even NAS boxes which support printing.

    For my installation, I will have a couple of PCs sitting on the counter so people can use these as registration Kiosks. One of these will be the 'server' and have the printer plugged into it.

    Totally wireless would be cool though!

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