I have this phone that takes ‘3d’ photos which I think are the best thing ever. Nobody else seems to like it though – probably because they don’t have my phone which makes viewing them the best thing ever.

I played a trick with my blog, and told apache to tell a web browser that a .jps file is a .jpg file using the meta info – which it is, really, so it’s no lie.

This means my blog can display raw .jps photos now.

But they are hard to see on the screen. I think that the right & left sides are backwards for looking at them cross-eyed which is how most people would want to look at them. The effect just isn’t right and it causes a lot of strain as your brain is trying to come to terms with your eyes apparently switching places. Quite traumatic and can cause headaches in less time than it takes to un-cross your eyes.

There is this cool effect where you can alternate the right and left image repeatedly and you can kinda ‘see’ the 3d effect. The brain kinda glosses the whole flashing thing and kinda makes it work out. Or something.

So, I thought I would try to make my website easier to view for everybody and allow them options for viewing the bestest photos ever!

I have invented a little something-something that allows you, my dear reader, to see my awesome photos as they where intended to be seen… kinda.

I hate things that move on screens automatically, so you need to click on the photo, and my 5 month month old little girl will start to ‘wiggle’ in her chair.

There is a slider that you can use to adjust the speed at which she wiggles. To the left is faster, to the right is slower.

If you would be so kind as to leave a comment with the speed which you liked the best. I will  use that as the default when I make this happen on all the 3d photos on this site in the future.

Select 'wiggle' speed in milliseconds - 250ms is 4 times a second.

You may need to view the image on a different page if you are seeing both halves of the photo or it’s otherwise not working for you…

I have some other ideas I want to do like a right/left swap. But those are for another day.

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  1. I think that somewhere in the 125 ms range works well for me. I could see it being a headache-inducing experience for some, though. The effect is still good up to about 350 ms or so (at least for me).

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