The big one didn't want to eat supper

 Fine.  If she isn't hungry, I won't make her eat.  She is more of a breakfast person anyhow.  Healthier that way I read.

Anyhow,  She won't eat so she gets to teach the little one the joys of the spoon.  They are both happy that way and I can eat my supper while it's still hot. 

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  1. Sure beats forcing the older one to eat, getting here upset and traumatized regarding food for the rest of here life, like my parents did to my sister. A win-win-win for all three of you!

  2. We've tried making her eat.  It's now to the point where she needs to eat 1 bite of everything and she's done if she wants.  

    Breakfast and lunch aren't a problem,  just dinner.  So we are trying to make those healthier.

    I know anorexia and bulimia can be problems later on.  I don't understand them,  but I don't want to create an environment that could predispose if I can help it.

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