31031 miles on my truck. Tonight is the first I have been in it this week. On a car payment per week basis, this is a very expensive grocery run.

Happy birthday

I can’t beleive it, I missed my truck’s birthday!

My truck turned 1 year old this last Monday, April 14, well, I had it for one year this monday. I think it came off the production line 08-08-06.

I have over 30,000 miles on it. Isn’t that terrible?

I need to get it washed something fierce! I think that will by my birthday present to my truck this year, a good, sound cleaning. It got trashed in the move, and I haven’t had a chance to give it a good clening since.

Happy belated birthday!

The more I clean, the messier it gets!

It seems like the more I clean my apartment, the worse it gets. I worked hard last week to get the living room and my bedroom cleared out. I also had the spare bedroom organized enough you could walk between the boxes to get to the fish tank.

Yesterday and today changed all that. Yesterday I dug out all computer gear and the desk and set that all up where it will go. I have yet to plug in a cable – they are in a few differnet boxes that I had to dig out tonight, but that ‘area’ is set up.

Tonight I moved all the boxes around so I could put my Electronics Hutch along the back wall where it will reside. That invloved filling the living room and my bedroom back up. I tried to move just boxes that will ultimatly get unloaded into the respective rooms, but a few extra ended up in each room.

I got the hutch moved, and unloaded off the carts. I have a really cool idea for building bookshelves around the hutch that will match it. But when I look at the rest of the room, I am not sure if I could utilize the space better or not.

I also put my 110 gallon fish tank in its final resting spot. It’s just setting on some sawhorses for now, but I really like it in that spot. I think I will set the big tank up as a Paludarium. I have a basement under me again, and so I can’t really set it up as a fish tank without risk of it falling through the floor. I am thinking of doing a waterfall that extends up and out the top of the tank, and having the plants ‘grow’ beyond the tank to take some of the squareness of the tank away.
We shall see what it turns out like. I need a stand first.

I am really in need of a couch. And a TV. I was looking around, and those new 32 inch LCDs would work out really nice. My entertainment center is occupied with the TV fish tank, but I left enough room to the right to hang a flat TV on the wall. That would work out to be directly in front of the couch that I don’t own. The couch I want would be a sleeper sofa, so friends & family have a place to sleep without listening to the computers all night long.

Oh well, one of these days…

Week in Review

It’s been a busy week!
Sorry about the lack of photos, I still haven’t gotten my desktop set up. It has the memory card reader in it.

Last weekend I spent a bunch of time with CVS, it was his birthday, a bunch of us went out to eat. It was good times. I had met everyone but one at least once, so it was good seeing old friends again.

I went to a grocery store this week on some co-workers suggestion. Elgin Fresh Market. They said it has great prices for produce and nothing else. I must say I agree. A can of corn was a $1.37, but mangos where a dozen for four bucks and some change. I picked up the veggies I needed to make a pot-roast out of a steak Katie had bought that the cats tried to ruin. I had gone to my parents 2 weekends ago, and when I came back, the freezer door was open. The steak was defrosted, but still cool, so I figured it was safe. The Chicken, no way!

The roast turned out really well. I invited a guy from work over for dinner. Trying to make new friends. He is a pretty cool guy. Likes camping, so we have something in commmon. Before he came over (he works later then I do) I did a rushed pickup of the apartment, so it’s actually kinda clean, well, at least picked up. Most all of the trash got hauled out, and you can walk around in it. He helped me move the TV tank into it’s spot in the TV stand. I am going to get water in that next week so I can get fish for it in a month or two.

It’s been raining out the last couple of days. I walk to work – it’s only a block away. My feet got wet today. I hate wet feet. My shoes are shot – the lowers are worn so bad they look like slicks, and they evendently split at the ball of the foot during the move. The uppers where still in good shape, I actually took care of them, so I was milking the bottoms out as long as I could. Wet feet, time for new shoes.

I went to walmart tonight, and found the pair I like. They look nice, almost like dress shoes, as I wear them to work. Waterproof and steal toe, they also claim to be electrical isolators. Sweet! Right up my alley. Kinda spendy, $52.73, and I picked up a set of gel arch supports for $5.97. $60 for shoes that, judging from my last pair will last me a year and a half or so. That works out to be, what, ten cents a day? So my shoots cost me a penny an hour. I can deal with that.

I also picked up a couple of fish, most all of mine died during the trip – there went my perfect shipping record. I had forgotten to plug in the tank heater one night, and the tank got really cold. Anyway, I was down to my Pleco and a femail guppy. Too few to feed with my automatic feeder, I simply can’t turn it down that low. So I picked up to quarter sized angel fish and a male guppy. Still a bit thin for the feeder, but the angels should grow fast enough that it will be ok. The guppies will probably get moved before the angles are big enough to tear the male up, so I am not worried about that.

I had hoped to be able to water-change my way into local water before I bought fish, but that isn’t the case. I am going to be acclimating the fish slowly to the Florida water. Tney are getting put into a bucket tonight with just enough water to cover the heater. Most of it will be the water from the pet store. Right before I got to bed, they will be getting a few cups from the tank. When I get up, maybe a quart. Lunch, a quart or more, and into the tank they will go tomorrow night before I leave for my folk’s place.

Going to the folk’s this weekend. Maybe. It’s supposed to snow pretty bad tomorrow I guess. I am supposed to help mom go through the house being that it’s her weekend off. They are wanting to get the last of the salvageable stuff out and a list of what’s still inside so they can buldoze the place.

I need to get the oil changed on the truck, it’s been like 6k miles. I have been so busy with the move, and now this week, working late, that It hasn’t been taken in. The smell from the fish tank spilling in the truck is gone (at least to my nose, but I don’t smell very well [hrmm, that doesn’t sound quite right – LOL]). I guess mom will have to stick her head in the truck and see if it still makes her eyes water.

A bike ride

I just went for a bike ride. I hadn’t ridden it since after Hurricane Wilma.

I saw a little park near the house. Taylor Mill Creek Park.

It’s a tiny little park. 2 picnic structures. Some short grassy trails through the woods. The best part looks to be it’s a trailhead to a bike trail along the Fox River. I will have to investigate that next.

All in all, it was a nice little ride.