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  • I may have bitten off more than I can chew… Trying python for the first time… and doing it for multiprocessing! #STEEPLEARNINGCURVE #
  • This python multiprocessing is pretty cool! Processing a .csv file causes all my process manager CPUs to spike and fall quickly. Really cool #
  • My 2 year old just started messaging me on her mom's phone. Random strings with the occasional autocorrecct. I called, She answered! #SOBIG #
  • I published a Thing on @thingiverse! #thingalert #


After a couple of weeks apart, my printer is back together

I took my printer apart to try to figure out why the bed isn't level. The Y rods where sitting crooked. I popped them out, rolled them on the counter-top to make sure they where still straight and put them back together. It's better, but still not perfect. I think the Y rod mounts are maybe stretched and the Y carriage is slightly less than perfect so they compound each other maybe.

I don't really know. I put it back together anyhow.

I tried to un-solder one of the power mosfets as I think I blew it, and that didn't go so well. I lifted the tracings off of the circuit board. I really don't like de-soldering braid.

In album

The kitchen counter gets cluttered up with kitchen things. Fancy that! Time to move my printer off the counter!

I really buggered up the tracings when I tried to un-solder this mosfet. They fell right off. No Good.

I think I can top solder the mosfet. Tried it at least. I may need a new board soon.

Top dwon shot of a RAMPs 1.4 board that’s assembled.

The Pololu stepper controller boards with the trimmer pots set to the right setting.

The printer still works! A good sign. Now to print my backlog.