Huglekulture raised bed

Yesterday I took the day off to spend with my daughter. She'd gotten home from nearly a month in Florida visiting family. She wouldn't let me out of her sight!

So we made a raised bed using some horse manure I picked up with a friend and some firewood. I have great expectations for this bed next year. I expect it will work well enough this year.

In album

I dug a bit of a hole so I had some top soil to cover the wood up with in a later step. I don’t know where my cable wire goes (somewhere in this area) so I didn’t want to go too deep.

We filled the hole with logs and sticks. Leftovers from a fire building demonstration I had done last fall. The tarp has the manure in it.

It’s pretty tall at the moment. It will settle in the next couple of years as the logs decompose.

My assistant was having a blast with this build. She’s inspecting the cart we used to haul the manure tarp from the trailer.

It’s quite hard to tell little helpers that you can play with this dirt and not that dirt. The old manure was a little too green for me to allow for her to eat.

Horse manure goes down over the logs. I am hoping what’s still ‘green’ will work well with the ‘carbon’ of the logs.

Top dressed with the leaves for no other reason than I felt like it.


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