My ‘new’ tent looks to be a nice one

I love Freecycle. I picked up a tent a couple of years back, and finally pitched it this weekend. I was told it was broken when I picked it up, so that’s why I’ve waited so long to pitch it. I needed an excuse to want to mess with it. The excuse is that I […]

Bella printed a missing part for one of her toys.

I got a text today saying Bella needed a part for one of her toys printed. This got me pretty excited. My 3 year old is developing problem solving skills. It’s not that Dad will fix it, but what tools he will use too. So we decided to make a new part for her toy. […]

A message from my wife about a discussion with our 3 year old

Bella is missing a piece from one of her toys and when I told her it wouldn't work now she "that's ok we can just tell daddy to print another one!" People keep saying 3d printers will revolutionize the world. They are right, just not in the HOW. The children growing up with desktop manufacturing […]